Title: The Monster Under My Bed

This game was made for Global Game Jam 2019. The Theme was "Home".

Summary: This is a first-person, hide and sneak game where the player must befriend the monster, ChubbyChoco, before he returns back home under your bed.
To become friends with ChubbyChoco, the player needs to pet him when close enough to the monster. Fill up the Affection Bar to the max for you two to be best friends!

This game has 3 Endings: Bad, Good, Best.

Get 0% - 74% Affection Bar filled = BAD Ending;

75% - 99% Affection Bar Filled = GOOD Ending;

100% Affection Bar Filled = BEST Ending.


Use WASD/Arrow Keys to walk around

Rotate Camera with KEYS Q/E

When close enough, you'll see a GREEN HAND pop up that indicates you are close enough. Use your Left-Mouse Click to pet him.

You can only PET ChubbyChoco when he is CALM. He should be smiling and making a laughing sound when calm.

When he is STARTLED, he'll GASP, and when he is SCARED, he'll make an EEK sound. You need to be careful moving too much towards ChubbyChoco when he is STARTLED/SCARED. You can still move, but move too much, he'll disappear and go to a new respawn location.

When you PET him, he'll eventually POOF away to a new location.

Number of Players: One

Time Limit: 200 Seconds 
Game Developed by: Monster Buddies

Out Motto: "A Game Made by Monsters for Monsters" 

Team Members Include:
- Kelsey Coffman: Level Designer/Programmer/Audio
-Eunice Lim: Designer/Programmer
-Allyson Campos: 2D Art/2D Animations 


Due to the GGJ's timeline, we were unable to fix these bugs in time. We will address these bugs soon and fix them here (GGJ does not allow us to re-upload any bug fixes so only here you'll get the patches).


Bug 1) When you restart the game, it will NOT have your Affection Bar start at 0%. It will start at the last point it was in from the last game.

Bug 2) When the Affection Bar gets 100%, you will be unable to restart from the Ending Menu or from the Title Menu. You must manually exit out of the application and open it back up to restart.

Bug 3) If you download the game and wish to quit the application after playing, you must manually press "ctrl+alt+ TAB" and close the application. We were unable to have an exit coded in due to time.

Bug 4)The timer is 200 seconds right now but we'll be changing it to 500 seconds soon.

Bug 5) If the game is NOT working on the website here (it lags, going through walls, ChubbyChoco taking too long to CALM, etc), then please download to experience this adorable game. The download works fine.

We hope to fix these bugs as soon as we can so you can experience an even more adorable experience. Thanks!


Unity_Projects_GGJ.zip 35 MB

Install instructions

To install, upzip "Unity_Projects_GGJ.zip" to a place on your computer you want. You can do desktop to do it quickly. After unzipping, click on "The Monster Under My Bed V.2.exe" to start the game. Enjoy! 

To Exit out of the application, press ctrl+alt+ TAB and manually click out of game. Thank you. If you get the BEST Ending (100% Affection Bar Filled), the game is unable to restart so you must manually exit as well here. (We would have fixed this but ran out of time). The itch.io will have some bugs fixed since we cannot make changes here on GGJ site.

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